Your Trusted Partner for Cybersecurity Services

Your Trusted Partner for Cybersecurity Services

Educating your workforce in cybersecurity and encouraging them to adopt the right behaviours in the context of the threat landscape facing organisations today.

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Security Awareness Programme Design

Our SSAP certified Awareness Professionals can design a training roadmap for your organisation based on your specific human risks and industry best practices. Benefit from our experience with many large and small enterprises worldwide implementing successful awareness programmes.


Your Extended SOC Team

Trajective offers Perception Point email security solutions which come with a 24 x 7 SOC team which can serve you or an extension of your existing team. This is a very compelling and unique differentiator vs the typical market players such as Proofpoint, Mimecast or Microsoft.


Managed Phishing Exercises

We understand the technical involvement on your team running the many phishing exercises within your organisation. Let our experienced engineers manage the templates, user tests and assigning of phishing remedial trainings for failing users for you, using the SANS Phishing platform.

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Security Awareness Training

Organisations are increasingly looking for more interactive format of training for their workforce, to complement or replace the traditional computer-based cybersecurity training (we offer SANS branded awareness training). Live training suits this purpose well, and can help organisations engage their employees more, and increase the completion rates for mandatory training. We have experienced trainers that can conduct multiple sessions a year for your organisation, both in person and virtual formats.